Financial Policies

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Below is an overview of our billing and insurance policies. Our full financial policy agreement can be found Here.

 Please present your current insurance card(s) at each visit. For your convenience, we will directly bill your insurance company. To aid us in this process, we must collect your insurance information on your card at the time of visit.

 At your first visit, please present a current state photo ID. If the patient is under the age of 18, we will ask the parent or legal guardian for a current state photo ID.

 We accept many group and individual insurance plans, PPOs, and other managed care plans. Please contact your insurance carrier to confirm your OPCS provider participates with your insurance and other coverage benefits. Doctor participation with each plan varies and changes, so please contact our office for specific inquiries.

 Charges not covered by your insurance are due at the time of service. These charges may include deductibles, copays, and any outstanding balances. We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

 Self-Pay Patients: Patients without insurance coverage will be expected to pay at time of service. If you are unable to pay your services in full at the time of service, you must contact our Billing Department prior to seeing your doctor.

 Late Payment Fee: Due to the rising costs involved in collecting payment for medical services, we regretfully include a $5 finance fee to each statement generated with past due balances. If you are currently part of a monthly payment plan, you will not be charged the fee as long as your monthly payments are received by the 20th of each month.

 No Show or Missed Appointments:  We understand there may be times when you are unable to keep an appointment. We ask that you please contact our office if you are unable to come in for your scheduled appointment. If we are not contacted for two missed appointments within a six month period or two appointments missed by family, you may be responsible for a $35 fee.

 To the parents or guardians of our pediatric patients:  Please be aware that we do not get involved in separations or divorce.  The office policy as directed by our legal counsel is as follows:  The parent or guardian who brings the child in to our office for medical care is the person who is financially responsible for any payment due. It is up to this person to go back to the court system and collect any reimbursement due to them.  If there have been any changes to the Release of Information on your child and it differs from the original Release forms given to Orland Primary Care Specialists, we will ask you to provide documentation from the court to support this request.

 Record Copy Requests:  A $10 fee is required for any record copy requests made by our patients for reasons of transferring to another physician or for a patient’s own personal record.  If you or your family is moving out of state, records will be sent directly to the physician’s office you request at no fee.  If records are requested by a specialist, we will contact the specialist’s office and ask what records are necessary for his or her review, and those records will be sent to his or her office at no fee.  If you are bringing past medical records to our office from another physician’s office or are having your past medical records sent to our office from a previous physician, we will scan those records your physician requires into your electronic medical record and then contact you to pick those records up. Please note that future medical record requests may not include the complete records from a prior office. We strongly suggest you keep these records in your personal safe keeping.